Ace Paint Computerized Color Matching
Our staff can match a paint to any color. We have a state of the art color photospectometer to help us accomplish this task.  If it is an old paint, discontinued paint, your wallpaper, your drapes, your shirt, wherever…bring in a color sample at least the size of a quarter and it is a snap! Hey, we even have most of our competitor’s formulas too. So if you want quality and just the right color-see us today!

We can match it in any of our paint lines too.  So whether you prefer Ace Royal, Pittsburgh Paints or Kilz Casual Colors we can take care of it for you.

We Fill Propane Tanks
Did you know that refilling your propane tank is cheaper than exchanging?

If you exchange your propane tank you do not get credit for anything you had left in the tank. Get your tank refilled by one of our certified professionals and pay for only the propane you need.

Power Tools
Wohlfeil’s has a great selection of power tools at the best prices. Choose among our many cordless power tools and drills. Shop power, table, circular, and reciprocating saws. Also find a band saw or miter saw for your tool chest

Key Duplications
We can duplicate most single, double or plastic head keys. If you need to have an extra key made for your car, home or utility lock, make sure that the duplicated key is cut from the original.  This key will usually have the lock or car manufacturer stamped in metal.

Pipe Cutting & Threading
Pipe threading and cutting for any size galvanized or black iron pipe. The process involves a machine-based cutting operation with a metal wheel that creates threads in the ends of pipes. This service is specifically designed to both thread and cut pipes. No blade is involved in the process.

Snow Removal Equipment
Snow plows, snow removal equipment and snow plow parts. It’s what The BOSS is all about.

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